“Everything Happens in Context”

I often repeat this obvious and obviously powerful fact. I wish I always slowed down - understanding the context before I act or react. The better something is planned and done understanding the context, the better it seems to go. Want a great result? Simple – understand the reality you are starting from.

We invite you to judge our understanding of context with Txtur. The name Txtur itself comes from this appreciation of context. If we have succeeded, our approach, product design and construction - even the business model itself, will be grounded in the context of your life needs as well as the needs of our shared environment. 

Today especially we are so weighed down by the problems of the world. One begins to feel the only way forward is through hardship or hard heartedness; through sacrifice or learning to live with less. Enjoyment of what we have is often tempered by concern for the true costs of what it took to make it – the toll on other people and the environment. We want to live around beautiful things, but not be weighed down by what we own.

Over the past two years our 80+ year old company has been studying our shared context passionately. We see things differently now and it is this understanding that lead us to start Txtur as a new chapter in our long history. We are sincerely different. We are makers not just marketers. We go to work each day and get dust on our shoes, work with our hands (and fancy machines) and alongside our coworkers, we enjoy making beautiful things.

And we think this is the very best time to be a real maker here – as your neighbor – we can make things that we can not only enjoy but feel good about. Txtur’s local manufacturing (us here in Virginia) enables us to do something truly unique. Enjoy our furniture for as long as it makes you happy. And when you want a change or are moving to another place, we take it back for credit on something for your new look or your new place. In turn we take your piece back and upcycle the valuable materials into a ‘like new’ piece of furniture. Not just something cleaned up, but a remanufactured piece made without having to input new materials. Truly – it is a win / win / win situation. You enjoy great furnishings with more choice and freedom. Our craftspeople win with a chance to make a good living building great products. The environment wins with circular material flows and reduced waste. 

There is a way forward where you can get more without being a taker, where you can enjoy without guilt and where together we make opportunity right here in our own backyards. Neighbors doing well together while doing good things.

Welcome to a fresh look at a hope filled context. Welcome to Txtur. Simple, Sustainable, Stylish.