Our Core Values

Our Core Values

At Txtur we are fond of focusing on the big question – WHY? In our first blog post we started explaining WHY Txtur was created and WHY we did it now.

Now, the BIG WHY - the WHY that drives us every day - our core values. One of my favorite questions to ask people is “what’s your why?” After getting past the “are you crazy?” look and explaining that I just want to know what motivates them, great conversation often ensues.

So here is Txtur’s answer to “What’s your why?”

Our Foundation Principles Are:

  • The Truth is Inevitable
  • Direct is Better
  • Everything Happens in Context
  • Only Do Well From and While Doing Good
  • The Little Things Are Not Little

The Truth is Inevitable:

Experience tells us that time always leads to the truth. Someone tells you they make a great product, but often a year or two really tells the tale. A friend that seems to have your back is only loyal if they are there in thick and thin. We accept that there really is not upselling, smoke and mirrors or magical branding that will over time hold true unless it is supported by reality. Whether it’s our commitment to quality, sustainability, value to the customer or service to our community, we don’t believe there is any point in lip service. In the end, we are or are not. We choose that we are and wait for the inevitable truth of our value to shine through.

Direct is Better:

If there is another comprehensive furniture company where customer service is steps from the assembly line and where the money you spend directly passes to the American craftspeople that make your product; we don’t know of them. We know Txtur is unique here. We know this direct connection – you and us – is a win win. We put more into furniture that will make you happier and we cut out all the external costs that gum up the traditional value stream. More value for you AND our team of craftspeople.

Everything Happens In Context:

We hope you will find us exemplify this in the way we build products to fit your life and how our business model gives you freedom to change through Txtur Upcycle. We have designed this business model around the context critically needed sustainability through economic circularity. Best of all, reducing the planetary load actually increases your freedom and enjoyment of your furniture. Txtur is a solution built for the context of the time and your happiness!

Only Do Well From and While Doing Good:

The “experts” have lots of reasons why so much of American manufacturing went off shore. The “experts” seldom worked in the plants that were being closed or really faced the music. The fact is that manufacturing largely left the US because it is HARD. Running a complex plant is, well, complex. Placing a purchase order is easy. We think this misses something important. Everyone deserves a chance to make a decent living. That includes those that are better making things than working service jobs, finance or technology. “New Economy” is great, but an economy valuing people with diverse skills, interest, passions and backgrounds is eminently better. Our view of this inclusion economy also includes those that need a chance to Upcycle their life trajectory and get a fresh start after incarceration or other challenge. We work hard in our plants, but we also work hard to make it a good place to work for all kinds of people. We hope you will help us support our team (your neighbors) as we strive to Only Do Well While Doing Good.

The Little Things Are Not Little:

If you spend a day with us, you will find a unique cultural habit. When we finish each conversation in the plant, even the hard ones, we end with “thank you.” When it has been a hard day in 95 degree heat the little gesture may easily go unnoticed, but it matters greatly. When you receive a product from us and are greeted with a thank you note and a pair of safety scissors to protect you and the product as you remove the packing material, we hope you will feel that we are with you and paying attention to the “small” details. We believe the attention to the “little” things brings about empathy and real understanding. So we strive to pay attention even to the little things (that are not so little after all).

This is our value commitment to you, our team and to the environment and community we all share. Time, and you, will tell how well we uphold them.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity.



Greg Terrill

Thank you!