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Quality Commitment

We are truly in this with you. We will take your furniture back for Upcycle at any time. We make it right and make it durable or it’s our loss.

Value Alignment

You want great products and a retailer wants great margins. Often product quality suffers first when these wants are pulled in opposite directions. Txtur is different!

Upcycle is all about a great relationship between you and us with the product itself in the middle. We own this product together and we are in it together. We build it right, you take care of it, and together we all benefit.

True earth-friendly

Everyone wants “green” products, but a “green” product that ends up in the landfill is no solution. Upcycle renews the materials in your furniture into new furnishings. Their value lives on and together we lessen the load on the planet.

Live Free

Your life doesn’t need to be weighed down by your stuff! Upcycle to move. Upcycle to change your look. Upcycle as your family changes and so does the needs of your home space.


Scan & Learn

Scan the Txtur Lifecycle code on your phone to learn about your furniture and its Upcycle grade.


Furniture Pickup

Either we pickup your furniture for return or you can send it back to our facility on your own.


Get Rewarded

A Txtur credit is issued to your account for use towards new or new-to-you Upcycled furniture for your home.


Second Life

Our production team completely remanufactures the Upcycled furniture. Every surface of the product is renewed by refinishing and upholstery. Major material components are saved for their next life.

Upcycle Grading Scale

Different products by their nature, materials and construction have very different Upcycle potential. Our Upcycle grading scale ties these product characteristics to the credit you receive from Upcycling. If you plan to Upcycle, look for Grade 1 products as these are design to disassemble in our plant for complete remanufacture and the least possible wasted materials. The table below shows your Upcycle credit over time for each grade of product. Logistics is actually the most challenging and costly part of this process. You can receive bonus Upcycle credit (5%) by managing the return of the product to our facility. We will also sponsor special regional Upcycle opportunities where you can increase the value by timing your Upcycle with one of our regional pick up runs. If you want to keep up to date with these opportunities – please sign up for notifications!

Ownership Period Credit Granted to Customer
Months Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3
0-12 50% 40% 30%
13-24 40% 35% 25%
25-36 30% 25% 20%
37-60 20% 15% 10%
60+ 10% 7% 5%