Slope (30719U3C)

Txtur Upcycle

This product has been Upcycled! Upcycle is our unique commitment to you and our environment. We take furniture that's no longer needed and completely restore it, giving it a second life. It's been completely remanufactured, reusing only the core raw materials from its original configuration. No surface on this brand new furniture has ever been touched by a previous owner.

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About Slope

Slope comes together as a balanced intersection of geometry and form. The forward leaning back post makes it clean and sleek, while the deep arching top rail draws you in for a comfortable sit. The seat is comfortable and generous in scale making Slope an all time favorite for dinning or home office.


Height: 33"

Seat Height: 20"

Width: 21"

Seat Width: 21"

Depth: 23"

Seat Depth: 17.5"

Fabric, Materials, & Care