Lean Table (TLR3059-90002UA)

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Txtur Upcycle

This product has been Upcycled! Upcycle is our unique commitment to you and our environment. We take furniture that's no longer needed and completely restore it, giving it a second life. It's been completely remanufactured, reusing only the core raw materials from its original configuration. No surface on this brand new furniture has ever been touched by a previous owner.

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About Lean

Lean is so many things…but most of all, it is your table. There are literally hundreds of combinations of tops, sizes and legs to choose from to fit both your look and your functional need. The top is made in Baltic Birch and surfaced with with furniture linoleum. Linoleum is a natural product produced from flax, recycled waste wood dust and limestone. The ingredients capture more CO2 than is created in production – so it is actually a net carbon capture sustainable product. Add to that the fact that it has a wonderful natural soft and warm feel. The mat surface provides a great writing surface if you are looking for a work-space or a great dinning surface for your gatherings. Lean table legs are fabricated in Roanoke, Virginia and coated with ultra durable VOC free powder coat. The table assembles in just a few minutes with all hardware and tools supplied. Mix and match any leg color and top size and color you want to make it your own and an instant favorite in your home.


Height: 29"

Length: 59"

Depth: 29.5"

Thickness: 25mm