Arc (80041U4C)

Txtur Upcycle

This product has been Upcycled! Upcycle is our unique commitment to you and our environment. We take furniture that's no longer needed and completely restore it, giving it a second life. It's been completely remanufactured, reusing only the core raw materials from its original configuration. No surface on this brand new furniture has ever been touched by a previous owner.

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About Arc

Arc’s lean mid-century lines will grace your table, home office or anywhere you need a comfortable sleek pull up chair. Its arched back supports you, yet is space efficient enough to fit the whole family at the table.


Height: 30.5"

Seat Height: 20"

Width: 21"

Seat Width: 20"

Depth: 22"

Seat Depth: 18"

Fabric, Materials, & Care