Line Round Dining Table

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Metallic Silver
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Line Table

Txtur is proud to bring you a truly unique yet high tech material in the form of Line Tables. Txtur has long worked with Pollmeier to obtain the best of sustainable hardwoods and has led the way with applying BauBuche to furniture production. Pollmeier’s BauBuche actually helps with forestry management by creating a high value use of Beech logs that are not suitable for solid European Beech lumber production. Through its innovative processing, these “low grade” materials are diverted from applications such as firewood, and instead live on as wonderful furniture that may be Upcycled and used for decades.

Txtur Line Coffee Table

As a work surface, BauBuche has a wonderful tactile feel and incredible surface strength. The lamination lines seen in the Line tabletop add an element of interest and appeal. The material is incredibly dense and uniform throughout, so you do not need to worry about chipping and peeling of veneers so common in laid up wood tops. We finish the tops with a hand rubbed low sheen hardwax oil finish. This leaves a natural wood feel while protecting the surface. Best of all, the top may be easily repaired and even recoated simply – even in your home. Small cans of this finish are available, and we are happy to walk you through repair and recoat techniques. Those who see BauBuche and Line tables in person, immediately fall in love with the look and feel. Let us know if you would like a sample sent to you today – we are happy to send one along.

Txtur Line Coffee Table

Line’s legs are fabricated here in Virginia and feature VOC free electrostatic powder coat finishes. The tables can be assembled (with provided tools) in a matter of minutes. A wide variety of sizes and shapes are available, making line a great solution in virtually any part of your home.

Txtur Upcycle Eligibility

Lean is Upcycle Grade 1

Txtur Line Coffee Table



Height: 29"

Length: 40"

Depth: 40"